Project Name :


Design Team:

Eda Tahmaz, Selim Sağlık, Tuğçe Tunç, Mehmetali Beşir, Orçun Kıyan


Tuzla-İstanbul /TÜRKİYE


A. Örs

Project Type:

3 Villas




4750 m2


Concept Design, Architectural, Interior , Landscaping Design and Implementation


The neighborhood in Tuzla where the summer houses were located in the past is now being reshaped with housing estates made up of single family houses and low buildings after the intense urbanization in the region.

The land for this project constituted an independent city block at first together with the two parcels neighboring it. The land was located on an almost flat topography. The three single family houses requested was planned according to the requests of the three siblings who are the land owners and designed with the features of Old Turkish Architecture.

The land was located on the northeast-west axis, narrowing down towards the west. Therefore we had to locate the buildings side by side looking at the south side of the land leaving as large space as possible for independent backyards at the back.

The buildings were designed with bay windows on all sides reflecting the traditional Turkish Architecture. The buttresses of the bay windows were used as an architectural element. Again stair lounges were designed for the buildings resembling the atriums in the traditional Turkish Houses covered with glass domes so as to take in day light. There are no basement floors in the buildings. The space constituting the sub basement level, located between the subbasement and the ground floor pavement served as an installation gallery where all mechanical and electrical installations were placed.

Each building has a separate swimming pool located at the east side of the building adjacent to the building.

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The buildings were constructed with a reinforced concrete system. Natural stones, marbles and wooden materials were selected to be used in the building as in the Old Turkish Houses.

A quite large common landscape was created at the north side of the buildings after the neighboring parcels were included in the construction site during the construction.

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