Interior landscapes!

EDDA Architecture uses colour as the defining element to establish a direct connect between brand ideology and simple design...
Istanbul based Halaman Printing is an international packaging, packing products and graphic design printing firm that elicited EDDA Architecture’s expertise in designing an office true to its brand. This involved creating an inviting, dynamic environment conducive to creative work. And it meant integrating cutting-edge technologies into the office, while facilitating open   communication among employees.  
Delighting in a simple layout, where departments are sectionalised based on function; and social spaces are balanced between work areas, the office comes alive like a riot of colours.  Starting from the lobby, with its all-white ultra-modern cubist desk dominating the reception area, provides a peek into the design vocabulary inside. 
The journey down the corridors leads into offices that are lined with heady swirls of verdant   green, aqua blue, orange and coral dotted with cheery chairs in a medley of  colours that exudes naughty mischief. This playfulness continues into the pantry with a wall full of gigantic coloured cutlery.
The mood of each space is altered by changes in the colour of the furniture, the patterns on the edgy rugs and the art on the walls. The colours turn more sedate in the executive offices above.   From pop to geometric to the more grown-up Van Goghesque art on the walls of executive offices, this place of work invokes the playfulness that is de rigeur for a space meant  for design creation.  
Community areas are never far away in this office - outside meeting rooms, seminar rooms, board rooms.  Natural daylight is infused into the offices to maximum advantage. The circular executive offices are flooded with skylights.  Using natural materials such as wood and marble, the warm cheery design of the offices is seen in the bold colour of the chairs, in the lights, in the carpets, in the young and fluid artwork on the walls. This energetic space is designed to inspire its employees; and inspire it does!
Fact File:
Project Name: Halaman Printing Office 
Architectural Design: EDDA Architecture
Project Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Total Project Area: 2,500 sq m